• This is the first such finance association
    to be established in Sri Lanka

  • Established in May 2016
    the SLFA is a non-profit professional association

  • The SLFA will have a Corporate
    Advisory Board (CAB)

Who We Are

The SLFA is a non-profit professional association for academics, practitioners, and policy makers in Sri Lanka and worldwide with interest in finance in general, and finance in the context of Sri Lanka in particular.
The purpose of the SLFA is to serve the national interests of Sri Lanka by engaging in research, education, dialogue, discussions, conferences and other activities deemed appropriate for the purpose of the advancement of the field of finance and related areas and to advocate the best policies and practices of finance across all institutions.

Our Mission

Encourage and support the development of quality finance education. Advocate the adaption of sound financial policy and practices across all institutions. Promote the understanding, development and application of high quality basic, applied, and policy research in finance and related fields.

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